Creekside Welding & Machining is a small operation specializing in the repair and/or restoration of cast aluminum cases and components. Although many specifications and dimensions have been assembled for Harley Davidson pieces, repairs on anything from Bultaco's to big block Chevy heads have been provided by this shop. Updates in content and layout of website will change as time allows, there are hundreds of photos from 40+ years of doing this type of work.
Creekside is a dealer for; Eastern M/C Supply
Midwest Motorcycle Supply
Trock Cycle Specialties
V-Twin Manufacturing
and will quote on items from these suppliers.

Creekside will purchase cracked & busted cases and used parts, pistons, etc., e-mail your list.

A few things to know:
    Creekside is a UPS\mailorder service ONLY...
    All customers MUST sign the estimate sent to them, and return a copy for work to begin...
    Each job is different, but all take time, expect a two to three week minimum return...

Please review some previous jobs performed, and if Creekside can be of service to you,

call 815•385•8391      fax 815•385•8392
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